Working as a lawyer in London, I have always struggled with the number of bags I carried to work.  My first idea was to come up with a way to clip the multiple bags together on my shoulder, which is ridiculous.  Then, three years ago, my life changed dramatically.  I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic.  As I learned how to live with diabetes, I needed to change what I carried with me and how to carry it.

I would walk to lunch and need to carry sweets for low blood sugar and an insulin pen for high blood sugar along with my phone and wallet.  I didn't want to bring my work backpack just for a walk to lunch.  I discovered there weren't any handbags or backpacks that could be multi-functional without carrying multiple bags. 

I soon realised that this wasn't a "diabetic' problem but an issue for today's woman.  Whether you are going to the office, lunch, a concert after work or yoga, you need a bag that adjusts with your life.

I created Soybean Bags to combine functionality with beauty.  I need a bag to adapt to my lifestyle.  It was also important to me to reduce my impact on the planet and create a vegan, sustainable bag.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Julie xx